Serious mass Top 10 Body Building Tips To Help You Succeed

Building a great body is a pretty common goal. However, if you want to learn how to build muscle and avoid injury, you’ll need to follow some basic rules. These body building tips will help.

Here are the top ten body building tips for your workout.

1. Heavy Weights For Mass – If you want to build up bulk, choose heavier weights to increase your muscle mass. Lighter weights will reduce the effectiveness of your workout, and are better for people who only want to tone.

2. Good Technique – If you have the wrong technique, all your working out and lifting won’t do you any good. If you’re lifting very heavy weights, bad technique can even cause some pretty serious injuries. That’s why you should always be sure to take your time and make sure your technique is correct.

3. Take It Slow – We all know repetitions can be boring. That makes it tempting to rush right through them. However, you shouldn’t allow yourself to be tempted to go too fast. Take your time and perform each lift in the set slowly and steadily. Slow, forced control is one excellent way to build up mass quickly.

4. Do The Right Number of Reps and Sets – Cutting the number of repetitions or sets you’re doing can get pretty tempting if you have a long workout, but that can be self-defeating. Of course, you shouldn’t go too far the other way, either. Going overboard and doing more sets than you should won’t speed things up – it’ll just cause damage.

5. Make Your Training Intense – No matter how many reps and sets you do, you need to make sure your sessions are still intense. Don’t stop at seven reps if you feel like you can easily do ten. Be certain to work hard at each set until you can’t do one more good form repetition.

6. Keep Cardio Minimal – Cardio sessions are good for health, but if you’re trying to build muscle, you’ll need the calories they’re burning. Too much cardio work will burn off the calories you’ve taken in instead of building more muscle.

7. Keep Hydration Levels High – Water is extremely important if you’re body building, as well. Make sure to drink a lot of water daily to keep yourself hydrated and flush toxins out of your body. It’ll also help you increase the body’s circulation.

8. Build By Section – It is not a good idea to do a workout for your whole body all on the same day. Instead, try to focus on different areas on different days. Work your shoulders and arms one day, and your legs another. That allows muscles to recover between workouts and gives you the maximum benefit from your lifting.

9. What To Eat – Keep a good eye on your food intake to make sure you’re eating things that promote the growth of muscle. Carbohydrates are a real help – try bananas, rice, apples, oatmeal, potatoes and whole grains on a daily basis. They give you the moment to moment energy you need for a really intense workout.

Don’t forget about lean protein like fish and chicken, however. They help build muscle. Consider tuna, which is an ideal low cost food with lots of protein and little fat. That makes it great for any plan.

10. Get Enough Sleep – Building muscle requires you to let your body recover after a workout. That means resting and getting plenty of sleep so you’ll get your strength back before your next workout.

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